Experience Wolf Creek

Thrill of a Lifetime

Experience the thrill of harvesting a Kansas monster buck or a prize turkey! Wolf Creek Outfitters has everything you will need included in your hunt package.

  • Excellent meals
  • Comfortable lodging
  • Fresh air
  • Transportation around area
  • Hard working guides
  • Numerous quality hunting set-ups
  • Fun and relaxing atmosphere
  • Big Deer!


Growing Quality Deer

Three key factors contribute to growing quality deer in Kansas: nutrition, genetics, and maturity. Various and abundant crops like alfalfa, milo, soybeans, winter wheat, and natural forage provide the nutrition and foundation needed to produce great deer. The genetics found in this region are renowned throughout the country for producing large antlers. Finally and most importantly in getting the buck of your dreams is to take him at a mature age. Combining Wolf Creek's quality deer management with these key factors gives our customers the hunting experience of a lifetime!