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Wolf Creek Outfitters, Darris Meitler Owner
Cell: 785-658-5208
20050 Mellard Drive, Lucas, KS 67648
Email: dmfhsu@hotmail.com

About Darris Meitler

Owner and Operator, Wolf Creek Outfitters

Darris MeitlerDarris Meitler was born and raised in the Lucas, Kansas area and has a deep passion for the outdoors. Darris has a staff of enthusiastic guides who share his desire and love for the outdoors, and we will work hard for you.

Wolf Creek Outfitters' top priority is to ensure that your Kansas hunting experience is rewarding. Wolf Creek Outfitters has an extensive scouting program to get you to the right place at the right time to harvest a true Kansas Giant!

The deer in our area have everything they need to grow big racks. Whitetails in the region have exceptional body size, with live weights up to 300 lbs.

Wolf Creek Outfitters is for hunters who want to have fun and put that trophy on the wall! Contact us today by phone or e-mail to book your hunt.

(Above Right) Darris and a hunter display a whitetail buck taken down by a bow in fall 2009. (Right) Darris and his daughter Jayden pose for the camera in the fall of 2011. Also visit Meitler Cattle Company.

(Left) Darris's son, Jaxson, gets in some target practice!

(Left Below) Jaxson and Jayden show off their turkey tail feathers!